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About Us

Научете повече за нас, нашата мисия и ценности

Study in BG

Mission & Values

Our mission is to offer our clients high-quality services with real practical value and actual results. The teaching programmes for the different language courses are the result of the specialized knowledge and many years of experience of our entire team. We strive to impose high standards in our work, that meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

We know what to do to help you achieve your goals. Effective, professional teaching with a clear plan. And all this in a pleasant and informal atmosphere, which makes studying a language a dynamic and exciting process, with you, our students, in the centre!

The following values are central for our work:

  • We consider education to be a fundamental element in personality development, one of the main tools for achieving prosperity, progress, equality, agreement and tolerance in society and understanding between cultures.
  • Access to education for everyone – we are convinced that life in a digital environment affects the process of education, making it more flexible, broader when it comes to content and accessible from wherever you are in Bulgaria and the world.
  • Honesty and responsibility – these are fundamental factors in the relationship with our clients, as well as within our team. We are responsible and honest towards our clients. By choosing us you can be sure that you work with highly qualified professionals, that have passed through a very selective recruitment process.
  • Efficient and focused work in classtime is a limited resource which must be used in the best way possible. Therefore, we include not only the relevant and necessary topics for the respective language training, but also any materials that the client might require.
  • Teamwork – we achieve our goals together. The teacher guides and supports the study process so that every student can work in the most effective way.
  • Individual approach – we know that our students are first and foremost people with unique personality, who have their own preferences, habits, knowledge and experience. Therefore, we have never followed one single “correct” approach in language training. We try to show our students different paths to achieving their goals.

Why should you choose Study in BG?

A team of specialists in the field of language training, who master several foreign languages and love their profession.

Many years of experience in the field of language training.

Language training with a practical aspect.

We have developed our own study materials, available only for our students.

Successful cooperation with embassies, banks, and international companies.

More than 700 students from more than 30 countries.

Small groups - up to 5 people.

Study in BG - квадратно лого с прозрачен фон

What services do we offer

We offer a broad variety of language courses – Bulgarian for foreigners, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, and German.

• Individual training in any of these languages

• Group training in any of these languages

• Corporate trainings

• Language training for professionals (including medical specialists)

• Exam preparation (A1 to С1)

• Training to student support

Our team

Our team unites specialists with a common passion – studying foreign languages, getting to know other cultures, and sharing their knowledge with a broad spectrum of people. We are curios and eager to discover new things every day, with which we enrich our teaching. We learn and improve so that we can be sure that we offer language training that does not only improve your communication skills but broadens your horizons.

Through the years many people have been part of our team. We have colleagues who founded the school with passion and devotion, and they will always be an irreplaceable part of the team. We also have colleagues, with whom we have had the pleasure of working with for years and we and our students are grateful for their devotion and expertise. We also help young and enthusiastic colleagues, who are making their first steps in the field of teaching.


Nika Akimova is the manager of Study in BG language school.  She graduated with a BA in Scandinavian Studies from Sofia University in 2011. She subsequently defended her Master’s degree in Linguodidactics at the NBU (2014).

Since March 2014 Nika has been part of the school’s team as a teacher of Bulgarian for foreigners and Russian. Her interests are focused on curriculum development and creating modern didactic materials.

In her role as manager, she strives to develop the school as a modern place for learning foreign languages, accessible from anywhere in the world and bringing together people from different cultures in their quest to explore the new, the unknown and the different.

ника акимова - мениджър на езикова школа study in bg

Nika Akimova


Reviews for Our Language Center

„My name is Karolina Dimitrova, I am 27 years oldа 27г. And I have been studying with Elena for 4 years now. I am very satisfied with her approach as a teacher in Danish as she is focused on the individual needs, goals and interests of the student. In my case I needed to upgrade my level from B1 to C1, with the specific requirement to teach me to speak freely on topics like economics, business and finances. Elena accepted this challenge and with a lot of passion and creativity successfully prepared me for taking a job in Denmark as an accountant. Many teachers know how to teach using a text book, but few can get out of their comfort zone and prep a student for the practical side of the subject with many complicated concepts and terminology like the field of accounting and finance. I strongly recommend Elena as a teacher for every student who really wants to learn a foreign language and not just own some certificate.“


About studying Danish language

„Meeting Oleg Alexandrov was a dream come true - I wanted to study Norwegian language. He is an extraordinary specialist, patient and well-educated, with deep knowledge about the language and the culture. During every class we study something new and interesting. I am looking forward to the new school year so that I can continue learning more about the magical world of the Scandinavian culture.“


About studying Norwegian language

„I started studying German as I intended to emigrate there with my family. This idea didn’t become reality, our plans changed only within 6 months, but now, one year and a half later, I am still studying the language as my teacher makes the classes interesting and motivates me to think and work hard. My classes in German are the most challenging and most satisfying part of the week. Being a teacher myself with more than 20 years of experience, I am now learning from my teacher not only the language, but also patience and understanding the students."


About studying German language

I've been with Study in BG for over 4 years in both group and individual lessons. The teachers are fantastic, the lessons are well structured with plenty of materials given. But what I like most about Studyinbg is that its flexible. I work full-time and have 2 small kids under the age of 3 so I have limited time. I now do individual lessons over Viber twice a week when it suits me. Study in BG is fantastic and I highly recommend studying there!"


About studying Bulgarian language

„The attitude towards the students is very good. The teaching methods are excellent. The classes are pleasant and you get to learn also about Danes’ mentality, behaviour and culture.“


About studying Danish language

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