Тествайте своето ниво на владеене на английски език – безплатно тук.

Моля, изберете от падащото меню верните според Вас думи.



1. My sister very tired today.
2. His is a famous actress.
3. I`d like to be a and work in a hospital.
4. We like rap music.
5. There a lot of water on the floor. What happened?
6. He TV at the moment.
7. Helen is very . She doesn`t go out a lot.
8. Did you to the beach yesterday?
9. Have you got orange juice? I`m thirsty.
10. Let`s go into garden. It`s sunny outside.
11. He`s for the next train.
12. Mark his car last week.
13. I bought some lovely red today.
14. Which bus for when I saw you this morning?
15. Where you like to go tonight?
16. That`s the film I`ve ever seen!
17. My dad his car yet.
18. I`ve been a doctor fifteen years.
19. Look at the sky. It rain.
20. If I this homework, the teacher will be angry!
21. This book is even than the last one!
22. I`ll meet you I finish work.
23. We`re getting married March.
24. If you steak for a long time, it goes hard.
25. I you outside the cinema, OK?
26. I not be home this evening. Phone me on my mobile.
27. The criminal outside the hotel last night.
28. He asked me if I a lift home.
29. If I older, I`d be able to vote in elections.
30. You go to the supermarket this afternoon. I`ve already been.
31. Kathy drives than her sister.
32. The near our village is beautiful.
33. I`m I can`t help you with that.
34. It was really this morning. I couldn`t see anything on the roads.
35. Can you look my dog while I`m away?
36. If I`d started the work earlier I it by now.
37. This time next year I in Madrid.
38. I wish he in front of our gate, it`s very annoying.
39. He said he`d seen her the night.
40. I agreed to go out. I haven`t got any money!
41. It was good about her recovery, wasn`t it?
42. I the report by 5.00 p.m. You can have it then.
43. Because of the snow the teachers all the students to go home early.
44. Thanks for the meal! It was .
45. Look! Our head teacher on TV right now!
46. It`s to drive a car over 115 km/h in the UK.
47. There`s a lot of rubbish in the garden I need to get of.
48. I`m afraid it`s time we .
49. He wondered what
50. They our salaries by 5%.

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