Workshop – Advanced

A six-hour course in Understanding and Expressing Shades of Meaning through Pronunciation and Intonation Phenomena

“It’s not what you Say but the Way that you Say it.”

As you have no doubt already realized, in the English language the same words can convey different subtleties of meaning, depending on the way that they are said. This means that pronunciation and intonation can have a huge impact on the message we get across. This course has the focus to widen the appreciation and use of these subtleties for advanced level speakers of English.

The course will include:

  • It’s all in the Rhythm
  • Scripting a Presentation
  • Emphatic Stress
  • Phonetic Transcriptions
  • Understanding Contractions
  • Fillers and Throw-away Words
  • Variable Stress
  • Basic Intonation Patterns
  • Intonation on Question Tags
  • Chunking
  • Showing Boredom or Interest
  • Expressing Praise or Criticism
  • Improving listening skills