Безплатни учебни материали в интернет. Тези линкове са външни препратки и ние не сме отговорни за тяхното съдържание. Те са събрани с цел да подпомогнат вашето обучение.

BBC, world news as well as audio broadcasts on business, sports, education, science, youth, arts & drama, features, music and religion. English language learning


Activities here or with more formal courses on Learn English Online.

Also, ESL Independent Study Lab

Test your level

The VLC Diagnostic Test(Learning Pathways)

Oxford Placement Test (OPT) in terms of level and the structures tested.



TOEIC, TOEFL , Cambridge Exam English – tests.


The English Listening Lab Online

Randall’s Cyber Listening Lab

Lingual Net – movies sorted in categories with subtitles and quizzes.

TV news channels like CNN, Sky and BBC

ABC Australia an audio archive

BBC Learning English

advanced learners BBC radio programmes

PodcastsPodcast portals


To googleGoogle.com or Google.co.uk for English sites.

the Lonely Planet travel guide and forum.

Imdb viewer’s opinions


Urban Dictionary Sing365

For comic fans, Archie comics the main site there to explore.

- Tests, tests, tests …


Online Newspapers

Times newspaperThe Guardian The Independent, The New York Times, Daily Mirror.

Vocabulary is not far away. Cambridge dictionary

Wikipedia an up-to-date encyclopedia

Simple English Wikipedia


for English learners, visit English Forums or English Club

law, sports, books, travel to more controversial subjects.

Train Your Accent

Grammar revision and practice

„As long as the world is turning and spinning, we’re gonna be dizzy and we’re gonna make mistakes“ – Mel Brooks.

The key tenses here and Edufind.

Activities for ESL Students