Bulgarian for foreigners

We teach Bulgarian to foreign people from a wide variety of countries. Through this learning they will be able to get in touch with the Bulgarian culture and traditions, to do their business here or just to make their live in Bulgaria much easier. Especially for you we have created what we know and believe to be a truly modern, effective and practical system for studying Bulgarian. Supported by our interactive whiteboard we will prove you that studying Bulgarian can not only be easy but fun.

The teaching materials are written in the contact foreign language in use and are adapted to match its unique features, which have been considered while the program was being developed by our team of linguists. All language courses are in unison with the Common European Framework.

At present we offer courses in Bulgarian language for foreigners through the following contact languages: English, French, German, Russian, Turkish, Swedish and Danish.

The courses are available from the elementary level (A1) to the more advanced level (C2).
If you feel ready to study Bulgarian please, choose between:

One to one lessons

The courses are open for all to enroll on. The time for the lessons is to be discussed with the teacher. The lessons can be carried out either at our office or at a place specified by the client in the city limits of Sofia. The private lessons are carried out according to the individual demands of the client. Learning Bulgarian this way is quicker and more effective than studying Bulgarian in a group.

Group teaching

The group teaching is for people who share the same native language or have a common shared language, either for corporate clients, for family members and friends. Learning Bulgarian in groups provides you with the chance to communicate and find solutions with the people who learn Bulgarian together with you. The lessons can be carried out either at our office or at a place specified by the client in the city limits of Sofia.

Please, check the calendar for available courses or contact us for more details.

Courses for special purposes are in process of development. They require good knowledge of Bulgarian.

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  • Day-to-day Bulgarian for foreigners
  • Bulgarian for foreigners necessary for acquiring a driver license
  • Bulgarian for foreigners necessary for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship
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