Workshop Intermediate to Advanced
100% English for emails, or
50% – 50% English for emails – English for reports, or
100% English for reports

The aim of this course is to consolidate and improve the capacities of employees who need to write in English. The written word is a powerful business tool which can help you improve relationships with clients and colleagues. In this course, you will learn how to communicate confidently with a range of readers.

The course does presuppose a reasonable level of grammatical awareness.

  • Course outline may include:
  • Key expressions for emails and reports
  • Asking for and sending information
  • Giving good or bad news
  • Making mild and strong complaints
  • Making a point and give a warning
  • Requesting action
  • Apologising
  • Replying to complaints and advise customers
  • Arranging and confirm meetings
  • Writing simply, briefly and quickly
  • Structuring and organising paragraphs
  • Writing a purpose statement and producing a report plan
  • Linking words.
  • Reinforcing facts and make recommendations
  • Using appropriate style and formality
  • Structuring and writing reports
  • Writing summaries

As the course progresses students will produce a portfolio of written assignments incorporating all the aspects of writing covered in the course.