Workshop Intermediate – Advanced

The aim of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for participants to practice language and presentation skills for Presenting in English.
In the session participants will learn the appropriate skills to present clearly and effectively in English. To express ideas, as well as techniques for the effective structuring of the speech and is aimed at non-native speakers of English seeking to improve their ability.
The materials will be presented through a range of visual and audio media.


  • A wider range of appropriate language for giving presentations in English
  • Improved confidence when giving speeches and presentations in English
  • New techniques to enhance your existing presentation skills
  • The opportunity to practise and assess your current strengths and presentation skills
  • A greater awareness of how to use and control your voice more effectively when giving presentations

Topics in our Presenting in English course include:

  • Good and Bad Presentations
  • Signposting a Presentation
  • Tenses used in Presentations
  • Building an Argument
  • Cause and effect, giving reasons
  • Effective use of voice: pacing, pausing, rhythm and intonation
  • Focusing on visuals
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Managing questions
  • Summarizing and concluding
  • Reviewing and final presentation