Workshop – Intermediate – Advanced

The aim of this workshop is to enable participants to perform more effectively in English language meetings and negotiations. We focus on the language, vocabulary and expressions that ensure participants get their point across clearly and convince their counterparts.

The materials will be presented through a range of visual and audio media.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction and common problems faced in English meetings
  • Five Minute Meetings- an introductory exercise
  • Writing an Email – arranging a meeting
  • Writing an Agenda
  • Past Tenses and Reported Speech
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Questioning – Getting to the Bottom of Things
  • Using Modals and Conditionals to be Diplomatic
  • Language for Offers and Requests
  • Dealing with Conflict and Difficult Participants
  • Clarifying and Rephrasing:
  • Using common idiomatic expressions to ask and give opinions
  • Functions: Chairing a Meeting
  • Holding a Meeting : Relevant Case Study and Meeting Simulation
  • Reviewing and feedback

For our corporate clients there is a 2 day course available, going into greater depth on each of the above issues and allowing further practice and time for the analysis of the attendees’ own recorded performances.