EV116It is important to ensure the English courses are relevant to the working world. Whether communicating in English by email, over the telephone, in meetings or presenting and exchanging ideas the course materials need to reflect the functional needs of the participants. So for us, as an English department and your teacher of English, we have the requirement to propose to you a tailored English course solely for your company. This requires thorough research into your company to ensure a tailor made course just for you.

We will carry out a full needs analysis of every participant before the course begins to discover the particular requirements of each participant. How and when they use English, their particular strengths and weaknesses, and their immediate concerns.

Throughout the course every effort will be made to use up to date materials relevant to your business. For example, case studies and website links can provide a back drop to stimulate discussion, role plays and simulation of targeted language practice. Such materials will include audio, video and newsroom articles, to actively engage the students. Within the class the exercises will be a mixture of individual, pair and group work.

As a complement to the classroom environment we also like to offer a class website to further facilitate the learning process. From experience we have seen this helps to provoke and maintain interest in the course, offering a platform to catch up with any classes missed and to provide a place where participants can share their thoughts. Also the website can help with group class projects and for the most dedicated participants they can do extra curricula exercises.

For each assignment the teacher’s skills and experiences are matched to complement the specific needs of the participants and the company.

  • Our team of teachers includes both native and non-native English speakers.
  • All our teachers have many years of teaching experience and with our English departments guidance help to deliver an interesting, relevant and stimulating course.

All classroom materials will be provided free of charge to our participants. On enrolling on the course each student will receive three PDF e-Books, concerning Business Vocabulary, General Vocabulary, and Grammar. These will be for private study and will be occasionally used as an additional reference tool if needed. These books are in addition to classroom materials.

Course will vary from three to six months and naturally will depend on the availability of the participants as to the number of lessons per week.